a comfortable cup of tea

a comfortable cup of tea

Friday, March 18, 2011

3 faces of vulnerability

In my experience
vulnerability has 3 faces:
1. ENCOUNTER ~ moment of self-revelation, intentional or not
2. MEMORY ~ moment of self-revelation
3. RE-ENCOUNTER ~ with the one to whom you have revealed

Though not literally naked,
I often feel that way when I am most vulnerable.
I've been feeling vulnerable alot lately ...

and thankful for the wise women who surround me.


Katy said...

LOVE this, Sarah. You beautiful woman you! :) xoxox

Trish :) said...

This is great Sar! Vulnerability is what puts us face to face with our humanness. I too, at times feel nakedly vulnerable... and it's at these times when one of my life lessons is about to be revealed. Scary yes, but in the end... strengthening. :)

Tipper said...

You too? I've been feeling that way myself : ) And I'm thankful for the ladies you mentioned-which hmmm you happen to be one of : )

a comfortable cup of tea ...