a comfortable cup of tea

a comfortable cup of tea

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Three Friends

Kim made these darling little friends for me to give to my friend, Mary, who was struggling through the final days of her earthly life.* The first lil' pixie is Sarah. She is needle felted of hand painted roving. She carries a little nature journal in one hand and a tiny quill. In the other hand she carries a tiny piece of fabric to quilt, in Mary's blue, with tiny stars and pine cones, and has a needle felted little bird nest for a hat. Mary's fairy is in a beautiful forget-me-not blue roving with her slippers strapped to her side, a tiny yellow glass seed bead on each ~ she has taken them off now that she has begun to sprout wings. She carries a journal with three friends on the cover, along with her flute. She has a Swarovski crystal butterfly in her hair. Karen's lil' pixie has tiny green glasses to match her dress and shoes. The bottom of her dress is decorated with hand painted mohair locks and a needle felted heart is on the skirt. A little acorn cap adorns her head. She carries a wooden heart button and a miniature Harry Potter, The Goblet of Fire. Karen and Sarah have no wings and their shoes are still firmly in place. As such they can walk with Mary along her journey, but only until her wings take flight. Mary's wings did indeed take flight early this morning. The earth-angel of the little group has transitioned into the next life and is being deeply missed by Karen and Sarah.

*Unfortunately, the three friends did not arrive in time to meet Mary on this plane, so I will gift them to Karen in hopes that they might help to bring a smile to her face once more.


tipper said...

I'm so sorry about Mary. The little dolls are so beautiful-such symbolism behind their details-Kim did just an awesome job on them. I'll be thinking of you.

Maggie R said...

Darling dolls with such a story. So sorry that Mary did not receive them before her final journey....
sigh...........I'm thinking of you.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Beautiful post!

Dana said...

Sarah -- I'm soo very sorry about Mary. I'm thinking of you.

huesofnature said...

I'm still so sorry that they did not arrive in time.


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