a comfortable cup of tea

a comfortable cup of tea

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's coming ... a new school year ...

and along with that ... fire drills!
fire drills
i hate them so
we have to line-up
in a row ...
it is so loud
it hurts my ears
please, don't let anyone
see my tears ...
they say it is fake
but i think it's real
and James Jerome
always steps on my heel ...
but that's o.k.
cuz then i can cry
and nobody ever
has to know why.
This is my grandneice ~ a future kindergardener!


Dana said...

She is ADORABLE!!!

Love the poem. I always hated fire drills at school and my oldest is the same way. :)

tipper said...

Such a cute poem. When my girls first started school-they were scared they'd be using the bathroom when the alarm sounded-and that they wouldn't be able to get their pants and belt fixed back fast enough.

huesofnature said...

Thanks for the smile! I love the poem and the photo!


Giddy said...

What a precious little girl...she must get her good looks from her mother! :-) Next year, Kindergarten here she comes!!!

a comfortable cup of tea ...