a comfortable cup of tea

a comfortable cup of tea

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

on bullying

I have been listening to the recent and all-too-often ugly accounts of bullying among school-age children. It has felt unbelievable to me, until yesterday ...
I went over to the high school behind my house to vote. It is a large building and I had to walk its long hallways to get to the gymnasium where the voting was taking place. I rounded a corner, took several steps and fell forward, landing hard on my knees and hands before ending-up in a prone position. I lay there for a few seconds, somewhat in shock. There was uproarious laughter from students around me. I felt embarrassed and a little afraid that I would not be able to get up.

I finally mustered the courage to crawl towards the wall and use it to steady myself in order to stand. I stood, pulled down my jacket, and walked on toward the gymnasium with the laughing students behind me the entire way. Not one person stopped to give me a hand or ask if I was ok.


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Omg, I have shivers running up and down my spine upon this account.

Firstly, I'm so glad you're ok, Sarah! But that they would laugh at that and not offer to help you! It's so so sad. Where has the respect and compassion gone?

There's a wonderful film called "Freedom Writers" about children from the ghettos finding hope through their teacher, based upon a true story. It truly is inspiring.

All children CANNOT be like this. I truly refuse to believe it!

sarah, rsm said...

Thank you, Petra, for your concern. :) Although I was embarrassed and lost a bit of pride, I really didn't feel "bullied" by the incident as an adult. I just could not get out of my mind what a teen would have felt in the same predicament.

Eilis said...

Hi Sr. Sarah.

First, glad that you are ok.

Second. Thanks for writing about this. Bullying in schools is horrible and happens all the time. I know that it is in the news right now (mostly because of the horrible, horrible deaths of people my age and younger), but I wish more people would speak out about it. Bullying has many different faces- including being laughed at like you were. I don't think a lot of people recognize that.

Eilis (EilisM from NL)

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