a comfortable cup of tea

a comfortable cup of tea

Friday, June 11, 2010

One Week Ago Today

A journal entry from June 26, 2009
My father was buried one week ago today. Before the coffin was closed, people were invited to say their last goodbyes. I waited until everyone else had passed before I went up. He looked asleep, that's all. I removed my mobius ring from my right hand and put it on the little finger of his left hand. I wore it as a reminder that what is inside of us flows constantly outwards and vice-versa. My dad lived that way ~ what you saw is what you got and who he was. It was my way of being with him in the next life to give him the ring. I made a sign of the cross with my thumb on his forehead and sealed it with a kiss. I whispered to him that I loved him and then the casket was closed.

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