a comfortable cup of tea

a comfortable cup of tea

Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning It's grey outside , raining, little ones are playing football in the field behind my building,
and people are singing “hallelujah” on the tele. A pair of jeans sits on the chair,
waiting to become a skirt, and the young man on the tele exclaims
“welcome to the choir!”
There’s laundry to do,
pages to write, I cannot get a program to install on the computer, and the choir sings “would you know my name if I saw you in heaven?" I cancelled breakfast with a friend, settled for cookie dough and tears under a quilt, in front of the tele where the choir sings "would you hold my hand?" A couple stands under a roof, birds align on the wire above them, skies brighten, and the choir takes a bow.


Regina Colleen said...

I was watching the choir on saturday morning, too. blessings to you.

sarah, rsm said...

Isn't it a wonderful program? It was the first time I'd seen it and I quickly fell in love. Thank you for leaving a comment, Regina! :)

a comfortable cup of tea ...